How Healthy Are Your Teeth Really?

Everyone knows what the dentists recommend. Brush your teeth regularly and floss every day.  Make sure to brush after each meal where possible and if you have braces, don’t get anything stuck in the brackets or you could cause stains.  But how many people follow these daily rules? Most people brush their teeth every morning and before bed, but is that enough?

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Keeping Your Smile White and Healthy!

To answer this question, we contacted a family dentist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. James Taylor.  He states that while brushing your teeth is a great way to fight cavities and plaque, that it isn’t enough. You need to also watch what you eat and limit your sugar intake which can break down tooth enamel.  He also said that the majority of his patients are not regular flossers.  He laughed and said that generally a week before a dental appointment, his patients will floss every day to avoid a lecture.  They come into his office for a check-up and claim they are regular flossers. But their swollen gums say otherwise!

Tips from Dr. Taylor

  • Limit your coffee intake to 2-3 cups maximum per day. Try to brush your teeth after you are done drinking coffee.
  • Avoid drinking too many carbonated beverages as they will make your enamel weaker.
  • Eat less sugar and candy. If you do indulge, make sure it is less than twice a week and brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Floss every single night before bed. Don’t floss just after you eat corn on the cob or chicken! Flossing helps keeps all the junk off your teeth so you have a healthy clean mouth while you are sleeping.
  • If you have children, get them a little sand clock to help teach them how long they should be brushing their teeth. Watch them and make sure they are doing it correctly.  My son used to run his toothbrush under water to pretend he brushed.  Make sure they are following your habits, or brush your teeth together to make it a nightly ritual.
  • Go to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning at least once a year. If it isn’t in your budget to go every 6 months, follow the above steps to make sure you don’t need to go more frequently than that.

By following the above tips, you’ll actually save money by needing less procedures.  And you will be healthier for it with a beautiful white and clean smile!

Getting Fit with Exercise in Under 2 Months!


Let me ask you something. How exactly are those weight loss goals going? You do realize that spring is over and summer has arrived. We are almost at the end of June which means we have two months of summer and the hot months ahead of us. Girls who are slim and have been exercising all year long will be delighted as they run around the beach in their skimpy bikinis showing off their abs, and toned arms.

The rest of us who promised ourselves we would lose 50 pounds before summer will be sitting on a couch drinking are fix the beer and wondering why we didn’t start doing this six months ago. Know anyone who promises you miracles within a couple weeks is fooling you. You can expect to lose years of damage in under one month. You can make a significant difference, depending on how much weight you have to lose. To lose weight that starts with exercise and even more importantly, good nutrition.

Luckily for you there is a new exercise program called the 21 day fix. This program has been designed by a world renowned personal trainer and fitness expert. Autumn designed this program with you in mind. The program consists of short 30 minute workout that you can complete in your own home. All you need are a few sets of weights or dumbbells, and exercise mat, and the workout program DVDs. The 21 day fix program has had many different people review it and all of these people have lost between 10 to 15 pounds in under two months of doing the program. While the program is designed to do and complete over the course of 21 days, obviously it is difficult to lose the amount of weight you might need to lose in that short amount of time. Therefore, you can repeat round after round of this program. The program also contains a nutrition component that will teach you which calories you should be consuming and which ones you shouldn’t.


Detoxing and Eliminating Toxins in 21 Days

Many people don’t realize how plagued their bodies are by various toxins and garbage that is clogging up your system and leading you to feel unhappy, overweight and even contributing to negative aspects of your mental health.  A great way to clear this problem is to start following several steps to help eliminate sugar and addictive cravings that might be causing you to feel sad, depressed or lethargic.

How do I know if my body has too many toxins?

Well, most people can benefit from a detoxification process and that can be apparent if you often wake up feeling fatigued or tired even after having a solid seven hours of sleep in the night.  If you also suffer from disturbed sleep, you might need a detox.  Other people can realize they need to go on a sugar fast if they experience serious cravings and can’t not eat sugar.  That means that your body has become addicted and you need to starve that addiction. The best way to do that is to go on a safe diet where you’ll eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar.  The is a surefire way to help you break your bad habits while you start making new positive changes.  You’ll learn how to eat healthy portions of food that are good for you.  And after eating just one plate or two, you won’t be craving more and more.  It’s not only beneficial for helping to eliminate toxins, but more importantly – helping to improve your sense of control over your own body and caloric intake.

How long does it take to see benefits?

People usually say the first week of the 21 day diet plan is the most difficult because your body is getting used to going without sugar and carbohydrates.  You need to be diligent during this time. Recognize that you will get hungry and cravings will be worse than ever.  But if you can get past the first week, it’ll be much easier.  Focus on your goals. Maybe you just want to be healthier, maybe you want to lose weight. Or perhaps you are tired of feeling depressed and lethargic.  Removing toxins from your body and becoming a healthier person will give you an entire new perspective on life.  Focus on these goals.

Do I need to exercise during the detoxification process?

The first week will be difficult for you to do any intense exercise because you will be tired and might feel weak from the lack of carbs and sugar.  When your body becomes addicted to a substance, it can be hard to get rid of the addiction easily.  You need to go slowly.  The 21 day detox is the perfect diet to go on to slowly rid yourself of the toxins that are preventing you from healing and leading a healthy life.


Beat the Bulge with Skinny Fiber

New Years is less than a month a way and the most popular new years’ resolution every single year is to lose weight! Everyone busts out the calendars and joins a gym or buys a bunch of workout equipment determined to start a new years resolution and try to lose up to or even over 20 pounds before Spring. The sad truth is that it’s the worst time of year to start a resolution because usually the next day is spent hungover in bed nursing a hangover from drinking and dancing all night! So that resolution is generally postponed another few weeks or even forgotten about.

Skinny Fiber Network is a brand new website and information portal to help people lose weight with the all-natural skinny fiber pill that is proven to help people lose weight without having to change their diet and exercise routines.  The most important part of skinny fiber is to ensure that you drink enough water each day. If you drink around 8 glasses of water a day and take 2 skinny fiber pills at each meal, you’ll feel less hungry and won’t grab another serving of dinner or lunch. You’re only required to take 4 capsules a day in total. Don’t take more than this or you may experience some negative side effects.  You should also try to get in some exercise each day so you don’t get constipated.  These pills are made with all-natural ingredients so you don’t need to worry if you have to mix them with other medications. But remember to always consult your doctor prior to taking these pills or any other form of health supplement.

Remember that skinny fiber isn’t a miracle pill and if your diet is composed of fast food and sugar laden foods, it will be very difficult to lose weight because you’re constantly eating more than 2000 calories a day.  A sugar laden chocolate bar could take an hour workout to burn off. So if you are eating balanced normal meals full of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and lean meats in addition to vegetables like broccoli and salads, you’ll lose weight.  The skinny fiber pills also help you feel less tempted to eat junk when offered it. So if your boss brings in a few trays of donuts, your mouth and tongue won’t water and crave it the way it might have before taking the pills.

It’s important to stay motivated on your weight loss journey and I recommend taking pictures of someone who inspires you or has your dream body. Put those pictures on your fridge to remind you to stop eating after 9 PM at night also to encourage you to remember to take your skinny fiber each day.

Skinny Fiber America’s 90 Day Challenge

With the holidays coming up and summer long behind us, most people are forgetting about dieting and weight loss as they pile on their winter clothes and gleefully remember that they don’t need to sport a hot body until summer next year.  Unfortunately, if this is the attitude you take to fitness and exercise, you won’t be able to fit your clothes 8 months from now because the Christmas holidays are usually when people gain the most amount of weight.

Think about it, holiday food, treats, desserts galore. It’s so unlikely that you will be eating celery and carrots to keep your waist trim. You need to be health conscious in the weeks leading up to Christmas so you won’t gain weight after you indulge over the holidays.  I recommend Skinny Fiber America’s 90 day weight loss challenge which uses skinny fiber supplements to work as an appetite suppressant so you feel full after your first plate instead of reaching for seconds.  I don’t know how many times I get up to go for a second plate after a family lunch or dinner because I just never felt satisfied after only one serving.  But now with skinny fiber, I am much more satisfied after taking these pills with large glasses of water and only need my 3 square meals a day plus a few low calorie snacks.

If you start the weight loss challenge ahead of time, you will be on track for New Year’s come January.  Losing weight doesn’t need to be a race, but most people view it that way because they try to get it all done over night, and that is literally impossible.  Rather than go on unrealistic short term diets, you need to view losing weight as a marathon and not a sprint. Take it day by day.  Drink lots of water, exercise when you can and take skinny fiber pills to help you along the way by satisfying your cravings and preventing you from eating more than your body actually needs.  These fiber pills expand in your belly to create a “full’ sensation and they have been working wonderfully for hundreds of users.  Let us know if you have any questions or feedback after trying the pills and we’ll do our best to assist you in any way we can.  Remember, your health is important to us and you need to remember that before you gain weight and indulge too much this holiday season.

21 days of Exercise to a New You

If you want something bad enough you need to commit to it. You can’t expect amazing results without putting out an amazing amount of effort. In order to lose weight, you can simply eat salad for two days and expects the pounds to drop. No. What you need to do is change your pattern change your life. They say it takes one month to see a difference when you’re by yourself naked. But it takes three months for other people to notice and to take note were mentioned that they think you have lost weight.

The 21 day extreme workout program that you complete within 21 days. The program does not promise incredible amazing results. But it does promise a change your body if you commit to the program for 21 days. It is an all inclusive program and comes with six DVDs full of workout videos like aerobics or cardio or strength training workouts. It also comes with seven color-coded 21 day fix color containers that you use to help you keep track of what you are eating and to help you lose weight by not overindulging. The color containers are excellent because they give you a simple way to keep track of your food intake without having to waste time counting calories counting points.

Not only is the program all inclusive but it comes at a very low price for under $70 you can have the entire program and begin losing weight. I don’t like every type of exercise program because a lot of exercise videos are over 60 minutes long. In this day and age it is very hard to find time to exercise or find time for yourself especially if you are a working mom or mother or even a single person with a job that demands a lot of your time and effort. All you have to do is work out for 21 days in order to see a great change in your body chemistry. I decided to take the challenge and completed six weeks of the 21 day six program and lost over 15 pounds within those two months.

The workouts are fun and entertaining because the aerobics leader who directed the videos is a very young and youthful and energetic person. The music in the background is also fun and energetic so you will not get bored through the workouts. Some workout programs require you to do the same workout video every single day for three weeks and I can get very boring entire summer. The difference with this video is out there are six different workout videos so that you will not get bored because every day for a week you are doing a different video. You can find out more health and fitness advice from a health blog online.

If you have ever been looking for something more workout program to help you lose weight this is the one for you because it requires only 30 minutes a day for a time commitment have three weeks in order to see some amazing results. Most people don’t have to or three hours to spend at the gym every day but everyone has 30 minutes. I recommend that you wake up before work 30 minutes before hand but on your running shoes and begin your workout.

You will not regret it and your body will start to change as your muscles become bigger and more developed and you become more fit and athletic as a person. Your confidence and self-esteem will also increase as you do the workouts because you will realize your body becomes more and more capable of doing exercise that you previously thought you would not be able to complete. I recommend the 21 day fix extreme program has you will notice amazing resolved and lose weight fast.

5 Ways In Which Water Contributes To Your Diet

Being on a diet, is usually not supposed to be fun, and a lot of people hate being on a diet.  Not just because you don’t like something, that doesn’t mean that it is bad for you.  A lot of people who are overweight should motivate themselves and be dedicated to reaching a healthy, normal body weight.

Even though, being on a diet is something which is not necessarily pleasant, there are ways in which you can make your diet a pleasant experience, and ways in which you can help yourself to achieve your goal weight more easily.

Water is a substance which can help you lose weight in many different ways.  And here’s how!  Here are five reasons why water is a magic ingredient to any diet, and why it will help you shed those pounds more easily.

  1. Are You Hungry or Just Thirsty?

Often when people think that they are hungry, they are just thirsty.  By having a couple of glasses of water you will discover whether you are hungry or just thirsty.  Also, this will help you to avoid eating when you’re not hungry, which will result in losing weight, or maintaining your goal weight.  Therefore, next time when you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water!  If it doesn’t help, than you can always have a quick snack or a proper meal, but if it does, imagine how much calories you are going to save yourself from, and how quickly you will lose those extra pounds.

  1. Suppresses Appetite

In addition to a distinguishing when you are hungry or thirsty, water can always be used as a successful way to suppressing your appetite.  A couple of glasses of water will make you eat less, even the fuel are hungry.  This will also come in handy if you plan on losing pounds.  Suppressing appetite can be rather difficult for some people, and they tend to overeat.  If you just drink a couple of glasses water prior to a meal, you will definitely eat less.

  1. Water Helps Digestion

If you want to improve your digestion, you should drink plenty of water.  Water will not only improve your digestion, and you will have a healthier bowel movement, but also it will keep away the feeling of being tired and bloated.  With water you will achieve perfect digestion, which a lot of people who have troubles with their weight can only dream of.

  1. Wash Away The Toxins

Toxins in your body tend to accumulate, especially when you are not doing anything to get rid of them.  If you drink plenty of water, you will flash the toxins out of your body, and in return you will feel healthier and fitter.

  1. Get Rid Of Water

Your body accumulates water if it believes it won’t get any water soon. In order to get rid of the excess water your body has retained, you should drink plenty of water. It is just as simple as that!

5 Fitness Tips Which Show Real Results

Are you often confused what you should do in order to get real results from your exercises?  Are you bombarded with all kinds of health tips and fitness tips, to the point where you no longer know whom you should listen to, and what you should do?

If that is the case, be assured that you are not the only one.  A lot of people don’t know which tips will really help them, from the sea of tips regarding health and fitness.

However, there are certain health tips which are bound to help you reach your goal weight, maintain your weight, and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Also, people wanted know about tips which will guarantee them and show real results!

If you want to know, precisely what you should do read the next five following tips, as they will most certainly help you on your way to achieve the perfect body you have always longed for.

  1. Drink Plenty, of Water, that Is

 Drinking plenty of water will influence your body in the most positive way.  Also, drinking a glass of water prior to eating will reduce the feeling of hunger, and you will eat less.

  1. Reduce Salt Intake

Salt is present in the majority of food you eat, and even though you might not add salt to your meals, be assured that you still take in a lot of salt through other foods, such as soups and sauces.  It will be beneficial for your health if you reduced the salt intake, and it will also keep your blood pressure in order.

  1. Reduce Sugar

Just like salt, too much sugar is unhealthy for your diet.  You should avoid sugar, whenever you can, especially in the fruit juices and sweets.  Also if you choose to eliminate white sugar from your diet you will feel much healthier, and soon you will become much fitter, too.

  1. Don’t Starve

A healthy lifestyle, and a healthy diet, doesn’t mean you have to starve.  Starving yourself can only lead to leaving an unhealthy life, losing weight, gaining weight, and repeating the cycle over and over again.  If you want to avoid the yo-yo effect which is the side effect of many popular diets, please do not start yourself.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is the key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.  Also with regular exercise you will be able to feel fitter, healthier, and happier.  Whenever people think of exercise they think of going to the gym, or running, or doing on activity which is repetitive and thus boring.  Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.  You can exercise of different thing every day, and still be very active and athletics.  One day you can go to the gym, the next day you can go running, than the following day you can go swimming – and it never has to be boring or an obligation, just keep it fun, and you will love to exercise regularly!

Dos and Don’ts For A Healthy Life

For a lot of people today it has become an imperative to lead a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle can contribute to do quality of your life and health in general, it can make you feel better, and it will be most beneficial for you in every way.  Even though a lot of people now was that they are supposed to in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, and what they are not supposed to in order to live healthy, a lot of us sometimes forget to stick to some simple rules which can enhance our lives in every way.  So I bring you the ultimate list of dos and don’ts, if you want to lead a healthy life.


  1. Do Exercise

Plenty of exercise will guarantee your ultimate healthy lifestyle and you will be fitter and healthier.  Also, you will manage your weight more successfully and you will succeed in shedding those pounds, in that is what you want.

  1. Do Eat Healthy

A healthy diet means that you need a lot of fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.  Also you should cut down on saturated fats and sugar.  You should eat plenty of fish, especially oily fish.  And it if you like to eat meat you should stick to red meats, and chicken and turkey.

  1. Do Drink Water

If you didn’t know you should drink plenty of water throughout the day.  If you want to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle it’s necessary means you should drink 8-10 cups of water per day.

  1. Do Stick To A Plan

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is not to just necessary that you do it for a weekend and give up completely.  You should stick to your plan of living the healthy life for and the rest of your life.  This is the only way in which you will be able to perceive some changes.


  1. Don’t Skip Rest Days

Even though you have exercise really hard, and you feel like if you take a break you won’t be able to continue, you should not skip rest days.  Rest days are crucial for your muscles, and it is the only way in which you can build your muscles in the most natural way.

  1. Don’t Take The Easy Way

And yes that chocolate bar has the same amount of calories as lettuce does; however, is it filled with calcium?  Remember that the easy way is not always the right way.  Taking the easy way you will only divert you from your path of healthy life.

  1. Don’t Give Up

If you are still finding excuses to give up on a healthy lifestyle, please don’t!  Whatever it is your reason for giving up you should not give up.  I don’t care if you cheated on your diet, or are just bummed down with the numbers on your scale – you should never, ever give up!