21 days of Exercise to a New You

If you want something bad enough you need to commit to it. You can’t expect amazing results without putting out an amazing amount of effort. In order to lose weight, you can simply eat salad for two days and expects the pounds to drop. No. What you need to do is change your pattern change your life. They say it takes one month to see a difference when you’re by yourself naked. But it takes three months for other people to notice and to take note were mentioned that they think you have lost weight.

The 21 day extreme workout program that you complete within 21 days. The program does not promise incredible amazing results. But it does promise a change your body if you commit to the program for 21 days. It is an all inclusive program and comes with six DVDs full of workout videos like aerobics or cardio or strength training workouts. It also comes with seven color-coded 21 day fix color containers that you use to help you keep track of what you are eating and to help you lose weight by not overindulging. The color containers are excellent because they give you a simple way to keep track of your food intake without having to waste time counting calories counting points.

Not only is the program all inclusive but it comes at a very low price for under $70 you can have the entire program and begin losing weight. I don’t like every type of exercise program because a lot of exercise videos are over 60 minutes long. In this day and age it is very hard to find time to exercise or find time for yourself especially if you are a working mom or mother or even a single person with a job that demands a lot of your time and effort. All you have to do is work out for 21 days in order to see a great change in your body chemistry. I decided to take the challenge and completed six weeks of the 21 day six program and lost over 15 pounds within those two months.

The workouts are fun and entertaining because the aerobics leader who directed the videos is a very young and youthful and energetic person. The music in the background is also fun and energetic so you will not get bored through the workouts. Some workout programs require you to do the same workout video every single day for three weeks and I can get very boring entire summer. The difference with this video is out there are six different workout videos so that you will not get bored because every day for a week you are doing a different video. You can find out more health and fitness advice from a health blog online.

If you have ever been looking for something more workout program to help you lose weight this is the one for you because it requires only 30 minutes a day for a time commitment have three weeks in order to see some amazing results. Most people don’t have to or three hours to spend at the gym every day but everyone has 30 minutes. I recommend that you wake up before work 30 minutes before hand but on your running shoes and begin your workout.

You will not regret it and your body will start to change as your muscles become bigger and more developed and you become more fit and athletic as a person. Your confidence and self-esteem will also increase as you do the workouts because you will realize your body becomes more and more capable of doing exercise that you previously thought you would not be able to complete. I recommend the 21 day fix extreme program has you will notice amazing resolved and lose weight fast.