Detoxing and Eliminating Toxins in 21 Days

Many people don’t realize how plagued their bodies are by various toxins and garbage that is clogging up your system and leading you to feel unhappy, overweight and even contributing to negative aspects of your mental health.  A great way to clear this problem is to start following several steps to help eliminate sugar and addictive cravings that might be causing you to feel sad, depressed or lethargic.

How do I know if my body has too many toxins?

Well, most people can benefit from a detoxification process and that can be apparent if you often wake up feeling fatigued or tired even after having a solid seven hours of sleep in the night.  If you also suffer from disturbed sleep, you might need a detox.  Other people can realize they need to go on a sugar fast if they experience serious cravings and can’t not eat sugar.  That means that your body has become addicted and you need to starve that addiction. The best way to do that is to go on a safe diet where you’ll eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar.  The is a surefire way to help you break your bad habits while you start making new positive changes.  You’ll learn how to eat healthy portions of food that are good for you.  And after eating just one plate or two, you won’t be craving more and more.  It’s not only beneficial for helping to eliminate toxins, but more importantly – helping to improve your sense of control over your own body and caloric intake.

How long does it take to see benefits?

People usually say the first week of the 21 day diet plan is the most difficult because your body is getting used to going without sugar and carbohydrates.  You need to be diligent during this time. Recognize that you will get hungry and cravings will be worse than ever.  But if you can get past the first week, it’ll be much easier.  Focus on your goals. Maybe you just want to be healthier, maybe you want to lose weight. Or perhaps you are tired of feeling depressed and lethargic.  Removing toxins from your body and becoming a healthier person will give you an entire new perspective on life.  Focus on these goals.

Do I need to exercise during the detoxification process?

The first week will be difficult for you to do any intense exercise because you will be tired and might feel weak from the lack of carbs and sugar.  When your body becomes addicted to a substance, it can be hard to get rid of the addiction easily.  You need to go slowly.  The 21 day detox is the perfect diet to go on to slowly rid yourself of the toxins that are preventing you from healing and leading a healthy life.